Caramel Glow Kit

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Suitable for dark-brown skin that wants to achieve a flawless caramel complexion. Fades minor body spots, face cream gives a glossy appearance to the facial skin.


2 reviews for Caramel Glow Kit

  1. Muna

    Caramel glow is a good lotion it gives a golden skin tone free from acne’s and dark spots. Smells good and suitable even in hot weather. Honestly, you just need to go out right now and go purchase this. It’s extremely heavy and moisturizing, yet it sinks into the skin in only a few minutes unlike most body lotions. It makes my skin feel smooth and not sticky, which is one of the biggest problems I have with other lotions. I will rate this to 5 star*****

  2. Esther

    I visited August Bloom Shop 1 month ago with an ashy and dry skin. I got recommendations on Caramel Glow Kit and i have been using this kit for the past 1 month and all I can say is this product is heaven on earth. Now everyone talks about how glowing my skin is. It gave me a clean brown skin tone. I am stuck with this product forever. The owner’s customer service is second to none she is really professional and good at what she does

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